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Barrows Event - Recap


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BARROWSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! :yay: We had quite a few members get some nice loot this time! I think we were on a lucky spree!

Devalice got a guthan spear, Magyar Mike got a karils top, Larcenist got a torags helmet, and Grumpy Ed got a torags plate! We had a few people getting bolt racks and I got a TON of mind runes.....no I will not share. They are mine mine mine!

So there I was, murdering my barrow brother when along came Rae..... Wait.............is she.........no, surely not.......is that....


IT IS! She's wearing a handbag to fight barrows. Always fashionable isn't she?


Great event everyone, thanks to all who came :D


Uhhh.....oops! :ermm:


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yeah, forgot to take it off.

Ty for another great event, and a fun recap Amber! <3

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Had a good time! Always good to get a barrows item. Lets me know Barrows hates me a little less, laugh1_Aiwan.gif.

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No I'm pretty sure they still hate you. :yes:

No wait, it's me they hate...I forgot!

Edited by Dinty
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Dang! I missed another Barrows event because I was busy :(. Regardless, very nice loot guys! :D

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