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[Recap] Who's that staff member?

Sgt Pepper

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A couple weeks ago we had this event, where the goal was to match the different staff members with their description.


Our structure has changed quite a bit since then but these were the correct answers:

  1. eldar.pngPrincess Rae Wears bunny ears and wields the wooden spoon.
  2. eldar.pngAglarion Almost that guy from Lord of the Rings amiright?
  3. eldar.pngElktz Sews people for a living.
  4. eldar.pngSgt Pepper Studies philosophy and seems to like the Beatles.
  5. lian.pngDani Banani The reigning funniest clan member since 2015.
  6. lian.pngErehk Rocking the blue hairdo. Wondering if he does IRL as well...
  7. lian.pngLilly The flower of Events Team and the only member that can solo Vorago.
  8. admin.pngApplejuiceaj Saves our ass on a regular basis by keeping the forums from breaking or exploding (is that possible?)
  9. adele.pngB2A The alpha male of the Tylar Team
  10. adele.pngBloody Dye Finally got that elusive clue reward.
  11. adele.pngBrendi Joo’s twin brother, also known as Mutt Butt.
  12. adele.pngPsychojonas Slowly but surely checking off those trimmed completionist cape requirements.
  13. adele.pngSnufflapagus Can balance a 2-liter coke on his head.
  14. adele.pngSockymonkey Obsessed with carrots and the longest serving Arquendi.
  15. adele.pngZena Almost the warrior princess of Recruitment Team.

15 points could be gained per correct name-description match, another 15 per screenshot of you with that person in game.

Elyz Vettan (who's now also a staff member) won the event with 22 points! She got everything correct and managed to get 7 screenshots, for that she receives this snazzy signature!


Everyone that participated got all the descriptions correct, which gives them at least 15/30 points. For that, they get this signature!


Everyone will receive their signature in a PM.

Many thanks to Brendan for making the signatures :) 


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Wait, are Jo and Brendi actually brothers?

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Was a fun event! :)

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Thanks Sander. Was fun. 

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