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Crashers at the Gate! RECAP

Princess Rae

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So Kelly and I were at Catherby, cooking. and I got 98 cook.

And this fella comes along, called [umm lets call him SK], and starts trying to get Kelly to go with him.

Then he called her 'Babe', so we told Andy,

Then he started on me, asking him to add me so we could do a video.

I asked if that line worked for him, and he said yeah it did rofl

So anyway it got pretty funny and more and more of us turned up to see what was happening so we called a spur.

Ended up he made a vid ... and I will let everyone else tell the story ;)

It was hilarious!

We all followed him to Cammy Castle and he wanted us to come out one by one and be introduced.

So we were talking in cc and decided to come out saying 'Spirits of Arianwyn' see if he would realise.

Was a laugh when someone else who didn't know any of us joined in and when he came out, he also said 'Arianwyn!'


So then I said something about getting a lot pf PMs and sorry if i missed messages ... and then a couple of people thought they would be funny ...



Didn't want to be horrible to him, so have added him and am going to help him do LOst City quest (he is lvl 3 and needs help to kill the tree spirit or whatever it is to get the branch)

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