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Trivia Quiz Results!

Sgt Pepper

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The scores have been counted! I couldn't believe how close this was, I rechecked again and again to be sure.

The winner is sadron.pngRoelio with 49.5/86 points!

In 2nd place we have myrth.pngElyz Vettan with an extremely close 48/86 points!

In 3rd place we have athem.pngDarkmgix20 also unbelievably close with 47/86 points!


Thank you all so much for participating, it was a lot of fun!
This surely won't be the last one :D 

As promised, here's the signature for the winner (made by Brendan)





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Thanks for the event, Sander, it was awesome! Thanks to everyone for participating!

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That was so much fun, Sander!  I'm looking forward to next time. 

Congratulations on your victory, Roelio!

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Congrats Roel! Results look so close, too :o Hopefully I'll not be working when the next one happens :) 

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I won! this is clearly rigged! 

Grats nontheless Roeliolio :D

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I should get something for getting 0 :p


Congratulations! :)

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