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Looky Likey Npc Comp

Princess Rae

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Looky Likey Npc Winner!

The Challenge Was:

This month's forum event is a Looky Likey contest,

and you need to dress your RS character to look like an Npc in RS.

Anyone or anything will do.

And the winner is ….

The awesome effort sent in by




So I decided to try out a few different professions in Runescape. I was ready to retire from skilling and adventuring....

So I thought I would make a nice customs officer....


Sadly I was sacked. :(

So then I tried my hand at being a sandwich lady....


At this point was getting very frustrated.

I thought surely I could be a maid....


I was fired for offering a bit of constructive criticism, can you believe it?! Some people! :ermm:

So, I guess it's back to crafting and not doing quests for me!

Here’s some more entries, for your enjoyment



Lord Hound


Anyone want some buckets?






It didn't came out right ;(

Sesquialtera and Msottement's

Sesquialtera and Msottement's entry:




He likes to be scratched behind the ears.


Someone has fleas!

Princess Rae

I'm looking like this sheep!!! :whistle:


I know I know, I could have chosen to look like a King,

or a farmer, or a shopkeeper, or the Ardy town counsellor,

but I picked a sheep ... because it was there!

There are similarities right?

We both have 4 limbs, and ummm our colours are from the same spectrum,

and we both have heads, and he's got wool and I've got hair,

so that's kind of similar.

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:teehee:laugh1_Aiwan.gif congrats dinty- hey now that i think of it, my butler is kinda messy, wanna job? never home, so house is urs, but be warned, those pets..man they make a mess, and piles n piles of it too :woot::p
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