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Skilling Cup - Early Winners

SoA Stelios

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This is the order for the Clan Cup - Skilling competition up to date (Subject to change though)


10. Kia Kaha
9. All Knighters
8. Catherby
7. Tree Hunters
6. lake of rune
5. Fealty Stars
4. Surreal
3. Effortless Souls
2. Efficiency Experts
1. Hola Amigos


There is still a good chance we can get into the top 10 so keep working hard guys :)

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The Results are in for the woodcutting competition of the clan cup, We Managed to place 15th!! Good Job to everyone who participated and good luck on all the other comps :)

1 Hola Amigos

2 Efficiency Experts

3 The Fusion

4 Yggdrasil

5 Potato Legacy

6 Effortless Souls

7 Slayer Nest

8 Surreal

9 Redditors

10 Flames of Revenge

11 lake of rune

12 w32 rocks

13 The British Elites

14 Zirak Kingdom

15 Spirits of Arianwyn

16 Decimus

17 Fealty Stars

18 Skill School

19 Lions of RS


21 Tree Hunters

22 Catherby

23 Kia Kaha

24 Phoenix Rising

25 All Knighters

26 Sadistic Moon

27 Zimmers

28 Cruelty

29 Virtuous


31 Zybeznet

32 Overloaded XP

33 Skillin Peeps

34 Ceecs Clan

35 Slayers Elite Clan 

36 Level IIIs

37 First Blood Soldiers

38 Dragons Land

39 Pure Diversity

40 Runescape Godz

41 Reborn Unity

42 Fish Flingers

43 Unsanity

45 pinoykantao

46 real world

47 DreamTeam

48 Libra

49 Karma Moon

50 hops elite

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Thanks for the recap and well done all! 

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