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Recap: SoA Babies do Halloween!

Princess Rae

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jason2ani.gif SoA Babies Do Halloween! ghost4ani.gif


•Sat 23Oct for US/Brits and Sun 24th Oct for QLD

The party dance room look awesome afterwards. :)






and a new Soa baby is born!!!



  • iD E M O N on Soa Demonelf
  • Msottement on Msoattement
  • Princess Rae on Rae Elf
  • Sanit Aderes on Saint Aderes
  • Sesquailtera on Soaquialtera
  • Brief appearance from Dinty on Ickle Elfie

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Saint Aderes, Rae Elf, Msoattement, and Soaquialtera doing the new emote.

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That is an awesome pic!

Andy what settings do you use for display?

Your pic looks good. Mine was very dark so I edited it to brighten.

Character shadows

Lighting detail

Flickering effect

Scenery shadows


mine is often quite dark ... any hints from anyone on what you use?

and thanks to all the SoA Babies! :D

was fun


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Um - low detail, with pretty much everything off. Flash for Macs isn't that great, so I have to keep it turned WAAAAY down or it lags all the time.

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