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KBD Killing Spree! - Recap


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Day & Date:

Monday, October 18th


2pm Pac | 4pm Cen | 5pm Est | 9pm GMT | 10pm BST | 7am (Tuesday) Aus QLD | 8am Aus East

Place: Meet in Edgeville

CC: Elvishgarden

World: 114

Kbd got wrecked!


And aparently bunny ears are NOT good protection from a 3-headed dragon. Who knew!?....ouchy :ermm:


In the long waits for respawn, Marco put on a show and danced for our enjoyment


It was fun and we all had a lovely time. Thanks to everyone who showed up!


  • Dinty
  • Devalice
  • Sesquialtera
  • Msottement
  • Darvaridae
  • iSbTv
  • Marcoletsgo

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what is the spear one of you were using. it looks really kewl.

Im guessing it's me and it's a Zamorakian spear.

Edited by iSbTv
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