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January Trivia Tuesdays ReCap


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Had another great turnout - i like hosting this event - heres a recap of the questions and answers


if i were to go to "dip" using the fairy rings where would it take me? mos le harmless

if i were to shop somewhere and the logo had a reversed letter where would it be? toysrus

how many queens are there in gielinor? 16 http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Queen

who did the character Lurch work for? ADDAMS FAMILY

where would you find zimberfizz? soul wars

If cats are feline, what are sheep? OVINE

in which quest do you get a purple cat as a reward? swept away

What is an otter's home called? HOLT

how much xp do you get for catching an inventory full of monkfish? no boosts or porters 3360 120*28

In Roman mythology, Neptune is the equivalent to which Greek god? POSEIDON

what skill would you be training if you were to meet scrambles? agility

What is Canada's national animal? BEAVER

how many logs are needed to get the inferno adze? 280

For which fruit is the US state of Georgia famous? PEACH

how many agility laps are needed for the agile clothing set? 500

In which city was Martin Luther King assassinated in 1968? MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE

which minigame includes the use of energy transfer? Livid Farm

What does a numismatist study or collect? COINS (and/or Medals)

what is irit and chopped onion used for? a vial of stench

Chinese gooseberry is another name for which fruit? Kiwifruit





Scores in order goes to:


Gythux/ Jo with 4 points




a grand total of 5 runners up with 2 points

Aglarion, An Amber, LoveHoney, Maxed Wombat & Moobrand


another 5 people accumulated 1 point as follows:

dundaine, izephyri, kobe, luci giftbox & mean muffin!!!


congratz to you all and better luck next time for the others!!

Edited by Katttitude
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Thanks for doing this Kat <3

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That was entertaining lol!

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That looks hilarious, hope I can make the next one :) And woo Gythux!

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Great event! Grats to all those who got questions correct and to the winner, Jo! . :clap: 

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