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Monthly Quiz recap!


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Had another great turnout - i like hosting this event - heres a recap of the questions and answers


who would you pay to protect your fruit trees in the gnome village? gileth

What did the crocodile swallow in Peter Pan? (alarm clock)

to make a divine addy rock what energy would you use? lustrous

What's the Hungarian word for pepper? (paprika)

name the pet you get during while guthix sleeps? broav

What year did Elvis Presley die? (1977)

what do i need to add to an energy potion to make an adrenaline potion? papaya

What's the capital of Finland? (Helsinki)

what slayer level is needed to kill the wild jade vine? 59

Where are the Luxembourg Gardens? (Paris)

"eat my mighty fists" what am i wearing? goliaths

Who was the first president of America? (Washington)

what is the name of party pete's pet? karma

What do the opposite sides of a dice add up to? (7)

in which quest would you retrieve a "teddy"? digsite

What activity other than jumping are kangaroos good at? (boxing)

name the druid washing clothes in taverley "tegid"

What horoscope sign has a crab? (cancer)

which mini game would you be in if you were using pressure flasks? flash powder factory

Which planet is nearest the sun? (Mercury)


Scores in order goes to:


Jenton with 5 points

Morvran with 4 points

Lizziefrog and Brandon Ozzy with 2 points

and all these with one correct answer:

YGE, vergeban ein, ix3phyr, 10th degree, xxsaulxx, husky willow and Xander


congratz to you all and better luck next time for the others!!

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Wooooooooooo hooooooooooo :D


and congratz to everyone who got correct answers

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Thanks Kattt, and grats to everyone who got a chance to answer!

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I wish I could be online for this, unfortunately I would be hopeless at answering questions at dog fart hour of the morning, except Elvis, I'd have definitely won that questions lol

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I thought I'd won that one, Meg. Jen is a beast on the keyboard.

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