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Fist of Guthix - Event Recap!


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Elemental_rune.png Catalytic_rune.png Fist of Guthix Event Recap! Catalytic_rune.png Elemental_rune.png


So, as you may already know, Fist of Guthix is pretty much dead content and a couple of the clan members needed to earn that music track towards their completionist cape! This was spoke about a while ago and maybe 3 to 4 people agreed that we should do something.


It was then brought up on TeamSpeak so I felt the need to grab a lot of the clan members to get this event going.


To get the event going, you needed around 16 people to get the event up and running, with Divination being out and people being 'busy', this of course was going to be a challenge in itself. 


With help from all these people listed below, we made it. All that was needed was a threat for a kick up the bum! ;)


People that came along and helped are as followed:


Blaeze Green








Rhodes 91

Saint Andres

Smithing Yak

U R Kidding





There were a few other people that were friend's of people above, so please thank them for coming along! :up:


:ele: Thanks again for the unexpected turn out, was great fun once the games were on!  :ele: 

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Was good fun, I didn't really do much other than frolic around the arena entangling and tbing Bleaze haha.

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Thanks for the event, Matt. Progress towards my Hybrid gloves.. Glad people got their music tracks. :)

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Was a long time since i've last been there, had some good times there in the past :D
Thx for the event =)

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thx matt, i was one of those who needed the music track having never been to fog before lol so a huge thank you to everyone who came along to help :)

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