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Agility Social: RECAP


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Day & Date:

Monday, October 4th


2pm Pac | 4pm Cen | 5pm Est | 9pm GMT | 10pm BST | 7am (Tuesday) Aus East

Hosted by: Dinty

Well it was a small turnout but what we lacked in numbers we made up for in fun! We ran around for about an hour getting beat up by darts and spikes after falling off high pillars and handholds. Through the mayhem we managed to secure quite a few tickets and I even raised an agility level! All in all a good time :)


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Looked like fun!

Again sorry I couldn't attend.. event started as I was leaving work. :(

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Spirits of Arianwyn!




This is where Dinty was in trouble, so I heroically threw myself in front of her ...

and Darv was ready to pick up the pieces.


er ... does anyone believe that?

Ty for the event Dinty - this is fun with company! <3

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ahhh bummer that looks like fun.

Real life is so unpredicitable

i make plans to do stuff and then

real life changes my plans.

dosent everyone know that RS

is more important hee hee.

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