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Burnin' Down F2p

Princess Rae

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Date: September 17th 2010

Time: 6pm Pac | 8pm Cen | 9pm Est (Friday 17th) | 1am GMT (Sat 18th) | 2am BST | 11am Aus East


Host: MasterQuest8

We found a topless farmer (Dev's typos are getting worse than mine - he meant hot)


We messed with some possible bots - they luv meh!!!! :yay:



Devalice found the Drunken Dwarf!


We started at Lumby, did a conga to Draynor, light Draynor on fire ...


did a conga to Varrock, light some more fires, some people were hit with carrots and rubber chickens and snowballs and then we left.

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