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Beta Fun! [RECAP]


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So we headed off to the beta to play around with it a little bit before it goes live.

First we went to Lumbridge, and well.....Rae, I don't think any of us have seen this sort of.....outfit before.....#toomuchskin :p


We decided to go kill some stuff in Tavelry Dungeon (think Christina's in the background of this one, we were sort of all spread out all over the place).


Rae sadly met her untimely death. :p


So we decided to go dungeoneering instead!



2 soulgazers on one floor, anyone? (one to the right, one to the left, very big screenie) So rare to see even one, surprising that we got 2!


Thanks for the floor!


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Holy.... When did rae get a boob job.

Edited by MasterQuest8
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Holy boobs! lol

That looks so bad close up doesn't it.

It's the BETA! It's not real!

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