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Start wearing PURPLE (RECAP)


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It was a great turnout, I'm pretty sure W116 has never feasted their eyes on such purpliness....

We are gathered here today to fight for the freedom of all the purple grapes in the world!


My eyes have been blessed


Off to Amesthyst City...


Come join our Purple People Party!


"I got purple swag for daaaaaaays!"


What a nice place for a purple picnic!


The Purple Paladins have claimed this territory!


Hmm, this tree looks nice....


MOSH PIT@@@@@@@@@@@






Aaaaand back to Edgeville :)


Thanks for coming guys, it was a great event, don't be surprised if we do another similar one in the future! :D

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looks like you all had some fun with this!

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i like the purple cape too lol

sorry i missed it!

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It was a great fun event!! Thanks for the idea, Carlos! :D

There are also banners, crests, and tables with our clan colors inside the keep, just for future reference ;)

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Now stop that or you'll make our green capes sad! The purple was fun for a silly event but the green and white is who we are! :D Viva la verde!

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Haha! Looks life fun! Even though I dislike purple... :yuck:

Edited by Lord Ysylla
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I'm going to make sure this happens again when I'm back from my summer house :p

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