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Summer Screenies (RECAP)


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First of all, huge thanks to Miss Deviant for organizing this event, it was tons of fun


Summer's ending, grab your towels and let's hit the Brimhaven beach!


There's crabs...there's a barbeque....Let's make...Krabby Patties?


What kind of cameraman forgets to cut out the corpse lying on the beach, psh




Two balloons having an intimate conversation:

Balloon 1: Sup

Balloon 2: Yo


Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!




Hey look, we're shining!


Video courtesy of Omnissiah


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Nice screenies! Everyone can feel free to add their own if they managed to capture an great moment!!

Thanks Omni for the video and everyone who attended <3333.

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Aww tried to make all the captions like the first one but can't get it to work, oh well :p

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nice pics! looks like you all had fun

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Well me on the far left, my cape makes me look like i pooped myslef -.-

Great pictures, was fun :D

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Summer starts in December, noobs.

Lol well November actually but yeah.

Looks like you all had a good time.

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