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Beaver Fever (RECAP)


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Thanks to Sk ye for hosting this wonderful event, where some of us brought our wood, others brought their beavers, and then there's the people that brought both.....Perfect harmony.

My beaver is burning!


I think we may have damaged our Avatar's innocence, it's a bit too young lol


That's the one that rejected my wood!


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She rejected your wood?!? She's clearly not good enough for you. Carlos, I would never reject your wood. :)

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This event was so funny, especially the conversation that went along with it over TeamSpeak.

Great pics Carlos! :clap:

Thanks for the great event Sk ye!

Was really good fun. :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:

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True story:

Carlos: Yo


Carlos: You want my wood?


Carlos: I really wan tot give you my load


Carlos: ....

Adam: I will take your wood :-D



Adam: I dont like Beaver

Skye: Why?

Adam: It gnaws on the wood

Skye: >.>


Ism: Rae you want my wodd?

Rae: I don't have a beaver

Ism: : :-O


End of true Stories

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