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    • Itz Wckdclwn

      Itz Wckdclwn

      About your account/clan history:
      Current RSN:   Itz Wckdclwn All Previous Display Names (please do your best to remember): About all i remember as of now.  Current Skill Total: 2830 How long I have played RS: 13 years  Have you ever been involved in any Runescape rule breaking? (If yes, please explain us when and what happened): nothing that i am aware of. Clan History (Which clans have you been in before? What's the highest rank you held?):  adult swim admin, livin the dream organizer About you:
      What I like to do on RS (goals, interests, etc.):  skilling wanting to learn combat in the near future as well to be better at it What I dislike to do:  arch (hahaha) not much i dislike honestly except rude people About you (Optional; first name, approx. age, a little about your life & things you like outside of RS):  My name is Chris and i am 40. I work too much between home and work itself. i love cars and my family. i fix computers and tv's for fun. My Motto:  everything lost can befound except time wasted  Recruitment Info:
      Where did you hear about SoA?  forums Who do you know in SoA?  have seen queen2all around a few times (very nice) and xmyx i think was in livin the dream What is it about SoA that appeals to you?  CC Guidelines:
      Have you read our clan rules found below in Ranks & Guildlines (we'll know if you have)?  'Nae Saian Luume' Do you understand SoA's stance on respectful behaviour in the CC?  yes i believe respect is an essential part of a game as well Have you read and do you understand the application process information below? i am pretty sure i understand, if not i would ask someone if i get lost along the way   Do you agree to let us know when or if you change your display name in the future?  yes though i dont plan to change it  In the clan we have a big variety of people. There are different religions, political views, sexual orientations, etc. We like to keep discussions about these topics out of the CC to prevent drama. Can you agree with this? yes as those topics can produce waves and i dont really like that much. i like to have fun and enjoy rs  If accepted, you'll become a trial member and get a mentor assigned to you. It's important that you return to the forums every now and then to stay in touch with your mentor. If you'll be away from a longer period of time, we also appreciate it if you can let your mentor know. Are you able to do this? yes i try to get on every nigt, even if it is only 5 minutes. 
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    • Plak

      Plak  »  xp thirsty

      Happy birthday!
      · 1 reply
    • Selaou


      Hey everyone- my computer and phone broke on the same day and I’ve been busy working. My apologies for not saying anything earlier.
      Best of luck, everyone :)
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    • Bobsonofbob


      wait... I'm not retired
      · 1 reply
    • Plak

      Plak  »  xDarkfablesx

      Happy Birthday!
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