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GWD ft. Elves!

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God Wars ft. Elves!

File:Commander Zilyana (christmas).png

God Wars, boring you say. Yeah, you're right. Let's spice things up a bit!

7th December, 2100 game time - check below for your timezone!
1pm Pac | 3pm Cen | 4pm Est | 9pm GMT | 7am (next day) Aus QLD | 8am Aus East | 10am NZ

World - 116
Place - we will meet outside of the chosen boss - choose the boss in the above poll!
How to get there - 
God Wars Dungeon teleport, Trollheim teleport, run from Burthorpe with climbing boots (see below)
Requirements - completed Troll Stronghold, 60 Strength, 60 Agility, deliver the letter from the Dying Knight
Helpful stuff - complete Mighty Fall quest for access to GWD teleport, complete Eadgar's Ruse quest for Trollheim teleport, complete Fate of the Gods for Shard of Zaros to make all monsters unaggressive, combat equipment, food.
If you do not have the Shard of Zaros,
 look at this list for options on what to bring.

Everyone attending will be split into groups. You'll fight together in the chaos of battle, heading forward and mashing into... the puny GWD generals:p

The group who has the most unique items wins!

After that, all chestplates etc will be collected. A massive drop party will follow!

Part of the December Christmas Challenge!

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