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Thanksgiving Day Birb Hunt!


Ava Enithesi
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Thankgiving Day Birb Hunt

9am Pac | 10am Cen | 11am Est | 16 midday GMT | 4pm BST | 3am Aus East

26 November 2015

This shall be straightforward. Backstory:

Aviansies are birds of prey, but in the month of November, we have to go into hiding. The Final Thursday of this month is the Real World American holiday of Thanksgiving, in which it is custom to eat a turkey. Many people mistake Aviansies for turkeys, and rather than deal with that nonsense, we simply avoid humans on that day.

This year, the tables turn.

I'll still be in hiding...in the Wilderness!

Date: 26 November 2015

Time: 1600 on the gameclock

Starting point: Edgeville Wilderness.

Some rules:

Gear allowed: Tier 50 of any style. No rings or amulets.

Food/potions: As you like.

Rounds: Three (3), each lasting fifteen (15) minutes.

Teleportation: You will not be allowed to teleport into the Wilderness by any means. However, within the Wilderness, you may use whatever methods you'd like (including, but not limited to: obelisks or ancient teleportation spells). If you leave the wilderness, you lose the round.

Familiars: Not allowed by me or any contestants.

The basic rundown:

All gather by Edgeville bank. At the start of each round, I will Lodestone Teleport into the Wilderness. That is when the round starts (I will also announce it in the CC). All participants will then have to find me. If fifteen (15) minutes pass and I survive, the round ends, and we start the next round. If I get killed by any clanmember, I'll immediately check the wilderness scoreboard, and whoever is credited with the kill wins the round. If you die in the round or leave the wilderness by any other means, you must stay out until the start of the next round. You will be able to attack each other when five (5) minutes have elapsed in the round (this is to discourage anyone from killing other contestants immediately after the start). I may or may not wander into multiway areas...I don't even know where those are except generally, so I'm apt to do it by accident. :p

Also, I will not enter any caves; I will be strictly only on the surface; I won't even use entering caves as an evasive tactic because I am bad at it anyways. You may enter any caves you so have the inclination to enter, but it'll simply be a waste of your time. :)

For most of a round, I will appear offline. However, in the final three (3) minutes of a round, you will be able to trail me.

If the person that gets a kill on me (or assists in it in multiway) violates the rules, I win the round.

Any takers? 

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