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Skillin & Chillen

Meister Yuki
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This event began 09/09/2014 and repeats every week until 09/30/2014

Event: Skillin & Chillen Weekly on Tuesdays

Day: September 9th,2014 (Every Tuesdays)

Location: Edge

TimeZone: 1pm Pac | 3pm Cen | 4pm Est | 8pm GMT | 9pm BST | 6am (next day) Aus East

Attendence: Just show up and ya get it :) well make sure i see ya so i can write ur name down :p

Hosts: Me (Meister Yuki) and Pussum we take turns hostin if one of us can make it, but i encourage everyone to host if they want, but i will mainly take charge and host since i created this event with Pussum

What will be doing: So this is a skill n chill more for the bst time zone, but all time zones are welcomed to attend this if there on. I am doing this so its everyone can have a chance to come to a skill n chill, Since todays turn out went very well with over 20 people there within just an hour time frame, i decided to do this next week as well on Tuesdays September 9rd, 2014. So if it continues to go well i dont see a problem doing this weekly. This is sepereate from the monday ones. Its always nice haven several skill n chils for the different time zones, mondays are more for my time zone eastern, this one has a varighty but is more towards GMT time, but everyone is welcome to come. I just try to expand the skil n chill times so everyone can try to come. not everyone can make the night time monday ones so decided to do a different time one for tuesdays. So everyone bring your supplies and let get to that xp lovin or wastin xD. See you all there. Sorry this is always a paragraph :p

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