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Time: 5am Pac | 7am Cen | 8am Est | 12 midday GMT | 1pm BST | 10pm Aus East

Location: Catherby Fishing Spot

World: 89

Friends Chat: 2flingfish

(A requirement of this friends chat is to state your hint within the friends chat, this is done by right clicking the fisherman within the minigame and selecting "get hint" you will be told 3 things, an example would be:

"you can find shallow bass ad the river they can spot metal a mile off"

this means in the fc you state Bass/River/BW = where BW means bone and wood (non metal)

If your still struggling let me know and ill talk you through it in a more in depth guide.

Requirements: Fish flingers tickets. Two can be claimed daily by talking to any fisherman at a fishing spot - up to 10 tickets. More can be obtained through fishing.

Quick guide: In the game, there will be six different types of fish spread across 4 locations. Each fish has an optimal (100%) combination of bait, hook and weights for catching them. No bait, hook or weight will be the same for two fish in one game. At the start of each game, anyone can claim a hint from the fisherman for one correct bait, hook or weight of one fish. Work as a team to try and catch all six fish with 100% combinations!

Big fish also appear randomly if fishing with a 100% correct combination. Try assist people with catching 6 big fish - they can't be caught alone; and hopefully find all 3 big fish yourself.

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