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Stealing Creations

Meister Yuki
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May 18
th , 2014

2pm Pac | 4pm Cen | 5pm Est | 9pm GMT | 10pm BST | 7am (next day) Aus East

Stealing Creations Event will be May 18th, 2014 at the time zones listed above.

How to get there: Games Necklace and use Gamers Groto.

· Requirements: Currently, the mini game can be played in any members world.

· The player is not allowed to bring any items or worn equipment into the mini game;

all items are provided and made in-game.

· There are no level requirements to participate.

How to play: Stealing Creations, there two teams; you gather as many resources as possible.

We will be playing the non-combat version of stealing creations.

Goal is to get as many points as possible for you team by collecting clay and turning them into

items (staffs, shields, etc.)

Its pretty simple, most already know how to play but that for those who don’t. If you have any questions there will be plenty of us there to ask.

Anyways I hope to see you all there. Remember that weekend there will be double points rewarded!!!

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