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Lets Loot Away! Competition!!


Meister Yuki
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Let`s Loot Away!! Competition!!

Location: Barrows

4am Pac | 6am Cen | 7am Est | 11am GMT | 12 midday BST | 9pm Aus East

Time April 23rd 7am to April 25th 7am

So this Event is taking place at Barrows. See who can loot the most in 48 hour period. I made it 48 hour period for the different time zone people. More chance for people to loot and have time after work to Loot!!!

Sign up at Event Forums Let Loot Away Thread - Here is the link

Requirements: Completed Priest In Peril Quest. No required Level. I recommended total combat level 70+, But I recommended level 130+, I`m level 149 and I can take on the normal bosses with some difficulty. But I recommended trying it out. I find it fun to do barrows. Shortcut to barrows requires a quest to be done. There is a way to barrows if you don’t have the shortcut. It is a bit longer route though.

How to play: Kill as many brothers, and creatures. That affects how much loot you get when you get to the treasure chest. Bring Food and good equipment. Looks like there weak to magic, but I use my saradomin sword cause I`m special. :p

Comp Ranking: Levels 1 – 150 , Levels 150- 200 will be ranked that way. Remember to take screenies of your Loot. You can use GE pricer to determine your cash amount of loot and show in screenshot. Make sure to use spoilers when posting your results. Post them in this thread when the comp starts. Just keep editing your post and adding every loot screenie you take. I will calculate results at the end of the comp. Best of Luck!

Let’s have Fun and Let the best Looter Win!!!!

More info check this link, it shows ya a map and the brothers. http://services.runescape.com/m=rswiki/en/Barrows


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