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Kalphite King Boss Hunt

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11am Pac | 1pm Cen | 2pm Est | 7pm BST | 4am Aus QLD (next day) | 5am Aus East (next day) | 7am NZ (next day)

Wednesday, April 16th

We shall meet at the Kalphite King lair

There are 3 main roles that need filled for us to be able to fight it correctly and have smoother more efficient kills.

Post if you want one of these roles.

Depending on who is going,we can see about trying to teach roles to the people who want to practice them




It is the Tank's job to have incite on at all times, and to provoke the Kalphite King upon the start of the battle.

When the Voker saves the Tank from the special attack of the Kalphite King, it is the Tank's job to provoke the Kalphite King again to get it to target him/her and not the Voker.

The Tank's gear should have as much HP as possible. You can can bring a shield if you want.

It is the Voker/Healvoker's job to protect the Tank/team from the special attack of the Kalphite King.

This attack will turn the Tank green and the Tank won't be able to eat, move, or use abilities.

The Voker used Provoke on the Kalphite King and then uses an ability to save himself from the attack.

**If it's a Healvoker, he is to use the Heal Other spell from the lunar spellbook after provoking the KK, but before absorbing the attack.**

Healvokers are more useful for a team than regular Vokers because the heal other spell keeps the Tank's HP high while the Healvoker uses resonance to absorb the special attack to refill his HP bar

Abilities to save yourself include but are not limited to Resonance, Barricade, Immortality.

The Voker/HV's gear should have high HP especially if its a Healvoker.

*****---------->The Voker MUST have a shield<----------*****

Healvokers must be on the Lunar spellbook and have runes for Heal Other

It is the job of the DPS to do as much damage as possible to the Kalphite King.

When the Kalphite King spawns minions, it is your job to attack them and make them all dead. Ignore the KK and kill the minions.

DPS gear should have high HP but also could include power armor if you feel you can dodge the attacks of the KK well.

Dual wielding weapons is usually the best way to go here.

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