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Spyros Rage
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Hello today if you are looking at this on wensday or tomorrow if you are looking at this on tuesday we are going to hunt us some nex and make her give us some loot. this is a realy fun event to do and a great chance for some good cash to be made. The event like always will be coinshare so we don't have to split it later.

Date 11/06/13

time 2pm Pac | 4pm Cen | 5pm Est | 9pm GMT | 7am (next day) Aus QLD | 8am Aus East

Event Nex GWD

reqs 70 range str agility and hp for the ability to get each key piece.

you need a item called a frozen key which is made by getting a key piece from each follower from each god. so killing sara mages will get you the sara part or somthing sara related don't need to boss to get key parts.

Good gear is a high choice i suggest mage gear and no blood spells nex owns people using blood spells. some food a bob/healing familiar boosting pots and pray pots and food is what you will need.

also if you bring full ancient ceramonial armour you can get into nex's room with no kc needed and there is a bank there if you need to setup there.

The last thing needed is the will to make some awsome money as nex is the best gwd boss to make some money.


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