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Rebus Puzzles! Week 7, 1 Apr - 8 Apr


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Rebus puzzles are words or phrases that are put into picture or word puzzle form. For example:

Rebus Puzzle: Eye Candy

Eye Candy

REBUS PUZZLES is a weekly recurring forum event where I will post two puzzles and you can guess what they say.

PM me your guess for an attendance point. You can PM me on here, discord or RS (but make sure I reply on RS). Please, also post on this thread that are/have submitted your answers!

There is also a bonus puzzle for you to try guessing. You'll get 1 point for correctly guessing one or two puzzles, two points for getting all three!!
The leaderboard will last for 10 editions, after which there'll be a winner and we reset the competition again the next week.

Please don't search the images on google, that ruins the fun and defeats the purpose of the game. If you don't know the puzzle, you still get an attendance point for sending me a random PM about it!

You have until 6:00 GMT, 8 Apr to guess!!!


This week's puzzles are:

#1: MdoW7rW.png         #2: NXi1mXf.png


Bonus:   sDmsCY3.png



Last week's answers were: #1 - Ice Cream 
                                                                  #2 - Fade Away         
                                                                               Bonus: It's all Greek to me

Here are the points after Week 6:


*If you are missing from this list, I am very sorry. Please let me know and it will get updated. *

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