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Easter Logic Problem: 1 Apr - 7 Apr


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Easter Logic Problem!!

Here is something a little bit different for Easter - a logic problem. 
Using this layout:


Follow the clues to solve the story problem! 

When posting your result, please put it in a spoiler to hide it.

A group of three girls (Hannah, Jenny, and Kiesha) and two boys (Isiah and Luke) met up at the big Playland Park Easter Egg Hunt. The children's last names were Dwyer, Anders, Fields, Yu and Wise.
When the hunt began, each child found a different colored egg (blue, green yellow, pink and orange) in a different location (in a bush, behind a rock, on the slide, in the grass, and under a bench). Each child's egg contained a different type of Easter treat (marshmallow chick, gumball, jellybeans, chocolate egg, and candy corn).

Use the following 10 clues to match each child's first and last names with the locations where they found their egg, the color of their egg, and the treat inside the egg.

1. Hannah did not find her egg on the slide or in the grass. Her egg did not contain a gumball or candy corn.
2. The boy with the last name of Fields did not find the blue egg.
3. The girl who found her egg in a bush did not have a gumball or marshmallow chick in her egg.
4. The yellow egg had a chocolate egg inside of it. It was found by the child with the last name Wise.
5. One of the girls found the pink egg on the slide.
6. Luke's green egg was not hidden in the grass or under a bench.
7. Kiesha Yu got jellybeans in her egg.

8. The girl with the last name of Anders found the orange egg.
9. The blue egg was hidden in a bush.
10. The egg that was filled with candy corn was hidden behind a rock.



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