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RuneScape Love Letters -- Valentine's Event


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~~ Greetings, lovers, one and all!! ~~

It's February, the month of romance––a time for flowers and chocolate and cozy nights (and, ahem, for the singles among us to pick up candy on discount). And so, here is a new forum event in the spirit of the season!


Veterans will remember the Postbags from the Hedge, a series on the RuneScape website where players could submit letters addressed to in-game characters and receive an in-character response. Postbag #45 was a collection of love letters and poems to NPCs, and that is exactly what we'll be up to in this forum event.

Maybe you've always admired the wily ways of Ozan the thief. Or perhaps you're enamored by Seren's song! This is your chance to let them know just how you feel. <3

To participate in this event, pick a RuneScape NPC and write them a short love letter or poem--perhaps a love song, if you're really daring.
Then, submit your lovely creation to this thread by 23:59 Game Time on the 12th of February.

And then, if you're lucky, or if your romantic gesture catches the eye of your favorite character, you might just receive a reply....

Thus, I invite you to get your flirt on with the Fremennik! To love up Larry the Zookeeper! To court the Lumbridge Cook! ....You get the idea.

The clock starts.... Now!

(Not sure where to start? Need some inspiration? Check out the Postbag archives! Or, use the random page function on the RS Wiki to go on a blind date. ;) )

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