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Alandras' Quiz of Misfortune


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Hey all,

As a way of saying thankyou to this awesome clan and a way to share my recent good fortune I will be hosting a Quiz.

All Clannies are welcome to try their luck and for each correct answer you will win a fabulous prize.

NOT 1.........

NOT 2.........

NOT 3.........

But 6 Mil per answer.

T&C's apply of course but this is all for fun and i hope there can be as many people online as possible.


I will answer any rule questions at the start but for all you good little clannies who like to be prepared,

1. Alandras' word is Law (I'm a kind god i swear)

2. Each person (no alt accounts) may answer as many as they like but you can only win a max of 2 questions

3. Spelling is not key, as long as i can understand what you meant its ok

4. If you dont wish to claim the prize you may designate someone to win it in your stead

5. Have fun. I hope to do more in the future




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