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WHADAYAKNOW? ... about MandyPandy

Princess Rae
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This event begins 05/02/2020 and repeats every day until 05/07/2020

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For a  fun weekly (sort of) clan event, whadayaknow about

our third victim ...


adele.pngMandyPandy (Mandy) @Mandypandy

Hints: Mandy's Forum Profile and RuneClan xo tracker (stalk away!)

Post ONE thing only (leave things for others to post).

If our victims want an attendance point, they have to reveal something juicy about themselves! 

This may be as simple as the person's rank in the clan or their level in a skill, or a recent achievement. 

Obviously, use common sense and don't post anything negative or super-stalky and don't reveal the person's facebook or phone number or anything of that nature. Pictures from RuneFest are fair game though! Information such as 'married to ....' is fine as long as its something commonly known in the clan, that the person talks about openly. Same with irl pics. If they have one as their forum profile pic, or have posted elsewhere on forums or Discord, that's fine. Funny things are certainly most welcome such as cc typos and out of context pics. 

Remember: Post ONE thing only.
If you are dying to post another thing, whisper it to someone else to post

Thanks to Wizanthony for the event header

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