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Sunday, February 2nd, 2020

1pm Pac | 3pm Cen | 4pm Est | 9pm Game Time (21:00) | 7am (next day) Aus QLD | 8am Aus East | 10am NZ

World 116 Fishing Guild



How many of you remember the 'good old days' where we spent HOURS at the fishing guild catching lobbies and sharks, many in hopes of making those mils to afford the much sought after Dragon Chain?!

Back then, the guild was used by many, with conversations (and trolls) galore!  Ah, the good times!

And do you remember some of the 'retro' outfits and armors players put together, at a time where you had to be pretty creative to find a 'unique' outfit, since cosmetics weren't part of the game back then?

SO, here is my event!

An hour of fishing at the fishing guild, just like old times, with as many of you as will join ;)

The catch is this:

You need to show up wearing what you think is your best or most unique 'retro' outfit.

You get an attendance point for coming to the event

But, I will give a prize for the most 'Uniquely Retro' outfit!

Let me see those imaginations and memories!!

* Requirements *

Level 68 fishing

* How to get there *

North of Ardy lodestone

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