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48 Hour DKS Challenge


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The start date is: August 21

5am Pac | 7am Cen | 8am Est | 12 midday Game Time (12:00) | 1pm BST | 10pm Aus East 

The end date is: August 23

5am Pac | 7am Cen | 8am Est | 12 midday Game Time (12:00) | 1pm BST | 10pm Aus East


To earn your attendance point, all you need to do is post a screenshot after killing a dagannoth king - for a bit of extra fun, let's see if the clan can get all of the unique drops in the 48 hours. Should you get a unique drop, post it in the thread and I shall add it to the counter below. Have fun! 
Seers Ring: 
Berserker Ring: 
Warrior Ring: 
Archers Ring: 
Mud Battlestaff:
Dragon Hatchet: 
Prime Hatchling: 
Rex Hatchling:
Supreme Hatchling:

How to get there

Waterbirth Island - Easiest way; DKS teleport tab

Using the Max Guild Boss Portal in Prifddinas will also take you to outside the DKS lair


Important info

You need all three attack styles as each DKS can only be attacked with one style. Dagannoth Prime - Ranged. Dagannoth Supreme - Melee. Dagannoth Rex - Magic. Rex can be lured and  safe spotted. Use Frem Boots 4 if you have them for noted bones. 


Any Questions; Let me know!

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