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Zilyana Trip


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God Wars - Commander Zilyana

File:Commander Zilyana (christmas).png

5th July, 2000 game time - check below for your timezone!

1pm Pac | 3pm Cen | 4pm Est | 8pm Game Time (20:00) | 9pm BST | 6am (next day) Aus East

World - 116
Place - we will meet outside of the chosen boss - choose the boss in the above poll!
How to get there - 
God Wars Dungeon teleport, Trollheim teleport, run from Burthorpe with climbing boots (see this explanation and map).

Requirements - completed Troll Stronghold, 60 Strength, 60 Agility, deliver the letter from the Dying Knight
Helpful stuff - complete Mighty Fall quest for access to GWD teleport, complete Eadgar's Ruse quest for Trollheim teleport, complete Fate of the Gods for Shard of Zaros/Mah to make all monsters unaggressive, combat equipment, food.
If you do not have the Shard of Zaros/Mah,
 look at this list for options on what to bring.

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