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Double XP Weekend ongoing until 20 Feb @12 noon


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February 17-19 2017


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Skill & Chill Deluxe

It's here! Double XP weekend!

During this weekend, there will be a weekend long Skill & Chill running. Everyone who tags along gets an attendance point and we will try to keep it running as long as possible. Chilling can be done with everyone around you and/or on Discord. Feel free to makes things more interesting with whatever games you come up with. Pulse cores, avatars, there will be experience boosts everywhere for you to enjoy! Start saving up some portables too :p



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    Regarding the avatars, we have just of these floating friendly figures. As such, the FFFs will be stationed on some predetermined places, from high to low priority:

    1. A non-quest locked bank chest or bank booth of choice, e.g. Lumbridge Combat Academy, Burthorpe, Burgh de Rott, Shantay Pass,...
    2. An elven clan where the Voice of Seren is currently active, e.g. Trahaearn furnace, Ithell harps,...
    3. The Clan Citadel quartermaster, similarly to location 1.
    4. A skilling hotspot where many clan members are currently skilling. 

    There is also this little thingy that allows you to check how much XP everyone has gained so far on BXP, you can find it here: http://competitions.spiritsofarianwyn.com/viewcomp.php?compid=14

    Hopefully it won't break, eh @Applejuiceaj?


    Don't forget - the fun continues.....

    Double XP Weekend

    The big news this month is the Double XP Weekend, which starts at midday on the 17th of February. The normal double XP madness runs until midday on Monday the 20th, but were also adding some further bonuses until the 27th of February, especially for those of you who have other plans that weekend. Every player will get an increased XP return during that following week - up to 1 million XP’s worth. This will be a great time to train those slower skills which tend to get left out over the busy weekend. Look out for a news post with more information, and watch out for the 'Time To Train' event to help you get all the materials you need for those precious gains.

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