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Track-A-Tylar August 2021

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Princess Rae
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This event began 07/31/2021 and repeats every day until 08/30/2021

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August 2021

For Track-a-Tylar, your goal is to spot as many different Tylars as possible before the 30th August 2021.

Please make our Tylars feel welcome! 

Simply post a screenshot of you spotting a Tylar in-game, and it will be added to your tally.
You can only spot each Tylar once, and both you and the Tylar will gain an attendance point.

Please Note! Tylars tend to graduate to Myrth, but they must still be a tylar.pngTylar when you spot them. Be quick!
Tylars can also spot other Tylars! (You can't spot yourself though!)

At the end of the month, the tallies will be counted and the clannie(s) who
spotted the most Tylars will win this signature as a prize!

Winners' Signature


The Tylar who was spotted the most will win this signature!


You can see the list of Tylars by clicking into the tylar.pngTylar rank at the bottom of the forums.
The other thing to do is just to look in the cc when you are on :) 

Get hunting! Go Track-A-Tylar! 

Thanks to @Wizanthony for the header and signatures <3 

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