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Lumberjack WC Event

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Lumberjack Woodcutting Event

Grab your best hatchet, woodcutting outfit if you have one, and let's do some clear cutting, south of Fally!

Just south of Falador south-eastern wall, and just north of the allotment and herb patch, there's elder, yew and ivy.  

Getting there: Explorer's ring (3 or 4) to teleport to the cabbage patch, or Port Sarim lodestone then run north.

Sunday, February 16th 21:00 Gametime  - World 116

Sunday - 1pm Pac | 3pm Cen | 4pm Est | 9pm Game Time (21:00) 

Monday - 7am (next day) Aus QLD | 8am Aus East | 10am NZ


Level 60 WC to chop Yews, level 68 for Ivy and level 90 for Elder.  There are also lots of normal and oak trees around.


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