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Retro Fishing Event Recap

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So we had a great time, fishing those lobbies, sharks, tunas... swordies.... boots... whatever was coming up!

The outfits were creative!


We had fires to cook our fish!


Don't make Kai mad!                                    Guzma also came to tag!

7j77shy.png     Pt7kxAh.png


There were bank [email protected][email protected]!! galore! (and look, the glitchy capes are still there too!)


TEenAzx.png   Zwzu1PF.png

Someone was looking to have their armor trimmed     And look! Someone wanting to help with that!

Vlof9gN.png          sNQOP7U.png

I thought I ran into Jaws...


I think Jeff was trying to hypnotize his fish...


0My14jq.png And proof that you can lead a camel to water.... but you can't make him drink :xD:

Thank you to everyone that attended, it was great fun!  And the winner of the most creative retro outfit was Kai Kitsune! (msg me when on Kai!)


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Haha! Thanks for hosting. <3

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