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event November Monthly Comp

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SoA Total Skill for November 2019


:farm:    :smith:    :pot:    :ranger:    :fire:     :con:    :slay:    :rc:


Winners will be for ...

1. Most total exp gained for the month

2. Most total levels gained

Members (Tylar+) only sorry

:hunt:    :craft:    :sorcerer:    :sum:    :miner:    :fletch:    :thief:   :fight:    :fish:

Link to skill competition:



The start date is: 1st November

5pm Pac | 7pm Cen | 8pm Est | 12 midnight Game Time (24:00 or 00:00) | 1am (next day) CET | 10am Aus QLD | 11am Aus East

The end date is: 1st December

4pm Pac | 6pm Cen | 7pm Est (day before) | 12midnight Game Time (24:00 or 00:00) | 10am Aus QLD | 11am Aus East | 1pm NZ

Start and end times are Midnight Game Time (UTC)


Remember, just towards the end you MUST log out of the game to let the high-scores grab your stats.


All Tylar+ Elves (except retireds) are signed up already, but if you are not on the list please let us know in here or PM an events staff member. We may have missed you if you changed your name or were retired recently.


If your stats are too small to register on high scores, 

please post a screenie of your starting stats in this thread.


The person who gains the most total exp during the month is the winner!

The person who gains the most total levels during the month is also a winner!

Everyone who gains at least 50k exp in the month gets attendance credit.

Couldn't be easier!

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Lucius Molay

Please sign me up? 


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Princess Rae


5 hours ago, Lucius Molay said:

Please sign me up? 

Hey are you back and are you un-retiring? Just do a quick post in this forum :D 

In the meantime, I've added you to the comp :)  

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