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Abby demons guide (melee)

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with my setup i can afk here without food for up to 1.3m combat xp p/h


my gear:


a scythe is v highly recommended to make these same xp rates

demon horn necklace + attuned ecto plasmator means i can keep soul split on 24/7 without the need for food

i use anima core armor as its good def and non degradable but long as you have a decent similar tier or better its good

ring, gloves, boots and aura is own choice ... go wild



my ability bar:


as long as the first 3 are the same feel free to play around with the rest

only take note of slots 1-9, they are the ones revolution uses





all i took with my was alot of overloads and agro pots ( to keep them attacking me and stop risk of death) (all 6 dose to fit nicely in invy)

alch runes for alchables

spring cleaner for some passive rune ore

gem bag for free gems

slayer contract optional depending on if you can be bothered for a small reward after your done




hope this helps <3 

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great guide, sure it will be helpful!

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ty x


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now now calm down sir ...... i cant let you over take my abbys count haha  nice guide <3

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