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How to host an event!

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How to host an event!

This thread right here has a little information on what SoA events are all about and how to host one. A guide, if you will, on all of the aspects of events hosting.

Events are the life of the clan. They are a way for various clan members to interact with each other in a fun and safe environment in order to create those bonds of friendship that we all strive to achieve.


Who can create an event?


There is a common misconception that only staff can create an event. That is wrong! Anyone thar.pngClan Thar and above can create an event. If you feel like doing something, you don't have to wait on a staff member to create the event for you. With this guide, you can create the event yourself! We encourage you all to create events whenever you feel like doing something, as events are fun!


What kind of events can you host?

Really, anything goes. You have something you want to do? Host it. Nothing wrong with that. That way you can get feedback and advice for if people like doing that kind of thing. 

These are a few options that you could choose from (but are not limited to) when it comes to choosing an event.




Challenge Gems

Penguin Hunting



Skill & Chill

Treasure hunt

Hide & Seek



 When should you host an event?




Whenever you feel like it! But first you should always check the clan Calendar and make sure that there aren't any other events already at the time you wish to host your event! Events in Australian, European and American time zones are usually great for attendance.



How do you make an event?


For starters, head over to the Events Forum and find the big button that says "Start New Topic" or click here!

Put the title in the box, and it helps to put the Month and Day in there as well. So for example: Castle Wars - 10 April 2016 or Fishing Trawler - April 12 2016. It just helps people see the date without actually having to go into the event and hunting down when it is.

Designing the thread. It doesn't have to be super fancy or anything. Just something to get the information across.

  • Event?
  • Date?
  • Time?
  • World?
  • Meeting Locations?
  • What to do?
  • Any Requirements?

Really anything other than those main things are optional. Sometimes it helps to link to outside resources such as RS wiki or tip it or a youtube clip, also optional and not required. There are also a few Templates that you can use if you so choose to do so when making the event thread.


Time zone list


Remember - adding the correct time & date is very important.  We have members all over the world so adding the correct information from the Time Zone list is important! Remember to write what day it is as well please. 

That part is done!

As nearing event time be sure to alert the clan chat every so often, and to update the shoutbox every so often as well. "XYZ event in 2 hours" "XYZ event in 30 mins" etc, etc.

Now your event is happening. Have fun doing whatever you are doing. Be sure to take attendance for the event and post the names in here.


Things to remember:


  • Be sure to always spell out (or at least abbreviate) the month. Not everyone reads 4/7 as April 7th! In some parts of the world they review this as July 4th!
  • Put the date and times in the title and subtitle, so that event information can be viewed easily from a glance
  • Remember, we operate off of GMT time, so if you are having an event that is at 10 PM on Monday night in USA .. that is 3 AM Tuesday morning in the GMT. Your event thread should reflect this and say that the event is on Tuesday.
  • Be sure to advertise your event
  • Thank the people who attended
  • Do attendance and post it the names in alphabetical order in the Attendance Submissions.
  • Be punctual and show up to the event; if you can't make it, try and find someone else to lead it for you.
  • Please note, for a previously-planned event (Posted at least 24 hours before the event) to count for attendance, 2 members of SoA need to show up for the event.
  • For a Spur Event (Posted less than 24 hours before the event) to count for attendance, at least 4 members of SoA need to show up for the event.


Most of all, enjoy :)



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