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*All about Events*

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Hello from Spirits of Arianwyn's Events Team!

We would like to introduce ourselves & give you a little information about our team.

First off, I would like to let you know that in SoA, events are not mandatory, but it's a fun way to get to know other clan members and have a few laughs.

We host a monthly total xp competition for the entire clan (p2p members & non-retired)

We also host some week long skill competitions which will be posted on forums if you would like to participate

Some other events include - weekly citadel, spotlight minigames, challenge gems, skill & chill, bossing, treasure hunting, trivia, forums events, spurs, even Karaoke (on discord)

By attending/participating in an Event - you earn attendance points.  When you reach certain milestones you will receive and award for you to display on your forums signature.

Events will always be posted on forums in this Events section so don't forget to check back often & see what's going on

If you ever have any questions about an event or if you are interested in hosting one of your own - feel free to let us know

We hope to see you soon

Your Events Team  


adele.pngGuzma adele.pngKitty Smith adele.pngKreacher adele.pngLivid Fool 


Also if you are looking for some other fun non-event things to do - check out our Off Topic & Spam board, there is always something fun going on in there :banana:

or if you are looking for a challenge - try doing some of the SoA Challenges/Task Sets






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