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Sgt Pepper

Sander's daily money making guide

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Hey there, do you want to make 1m+ a day for 15mins+ of work? Of course you do!

In the world of Gielinor, there are several short activities that can be done once a day, that give you a nice amount of cash in a very short amount of time. Intergrating these activities in your daily routine, quickly earns you a nice amount of gps.

In this guide, I'll give you an overview of some profiteable dailies. Some of these have low requirements. Some are more profiteable as you unlock certain additional recommendations and some are more high level. There's something for everyone! 

I'll reserve some (hidden) posts for suggestions of you guys and possible future updates.


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Vis Wax: Rune goldberg machine

Requirements: 50 runecrafting for access to the runecrafting guild

Location: Middle portal on the top of the wizard's tower. You can get there quickly by using your wicked hood teleport. If you don't have a wicked hood, you can get one by talking to Tam McGrubor in Burthorpe. A nice stack of air, earth, water, fire (1000 per use), mind (2000 per use) and chaos runes (300 per use). 

In the Runecrafting guild, you'll spot this machine



What to do:

Operate the machine and you'll get this interface. 


The runes will be blank. The goal of this is to find the right runes for the right slots. The combinations change every day. 
The first rune is the same for everyone. The second rune has three possibilities that are the same for everyone. The third slot is random.
A :)  means you've found the best rune for this slot.
A :/ means it's alright, but not the best.
A :( means it's a crappy rune for this slot.

The better combination you find, the more vis wax you get. This is my combination today. I got 85 vis wax.


Now. Sometimes the best rune will be a cheap rune like air. But sometimes it'll be an expensive rune like blood. As you saw, I didn't get all smiley faces and could have gotten better combinations if I used different runes. However, if the best rune is an expensive one, it's still better to use a cheaper alternative that gives you less vix wax. The overal amount of PROFIT will still be higher as the COST is way lower. That's why you should only use these runes: air, water, earth, mind, chaos, fire. 

Luckily you don't have to search the best combinations yourself everyday. There's this amazing thread on the RSOF that shares the best combinations for the best profit everyday. It shows you which rune is most profitable for each slot. The third slot you still have to find yourself ofcourse, so just put in one of the cheap runes I mentioned above that grants the most vix wax.

The vis wax you produce can be sold on the GE for 6000 ea.

NOTE: Don't give up if it seems a bit complicated in the beginning, try it out and you'll get the hang of it after a bit.

I highly recommend doing this every day. It's easily 400k for not even a minute of work once you get the hang of it. Good luck!



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Buying broad arrowheads

Requirement: Completion of the Smoking Kills quest, 300k gp every day. Access to the Taverley and Canafis lodestone.

What to do:
This is as easy as money making can get. Once you complete the Smoking kills quest, you can buy broad arrowheads from slayer masters. You can buy 3000 of them from any slayer master, and 3000 more from Jacquelyn Manslaughter in Taverley (she holds a seperate stock, the other slayer masters have a shared stock). 

They sell broad arrowheads for 50 gp each, they easily sell for 80 gp each. I personally keep all of them until a bonus xp weeking gets announced and sell them for even more. That means it easily earns you 180k+ for 1 minute of work.


Jacquelyn Manslaughter is close to the Taverley lodestone.


It doesn't matter which slayer master you pick for the other stock. I personally go to Mazchna in Canafis as he's right next to the lodestone.


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Red sandstone

Requirements: 81 mining, additionally 89 crafting but you can start with only the mining level. Access to the Oog'log lodestone. Additionally the As a first resort quest

Location: Oog'log red sandstone mine



What to do:

Every day, you can mine 50 red sandstone from this rock. You can already stack up on these even if you don't have the other requirements but have 81 mining. I recommend using porters if you only mine the sandtone.
When you've finished mining, go into the city of Oog'log (As a first resort quest requirement) through the agility shortcut next to the rock. Close to the bank, you'll find the robust glass machine. Use it to change your red sandtone into robust glass. 


You can now blow the robust glass into potion flasks (have a glassblowing pipe on your toolbelt). These potion flasks sell for around 4k each. That means 200k a day.

Note: if you have completed the Elite desert tasks, you gain access to an additional sandstone mine (25) north of Sophanem.

EDIT: Flasks are going for 8k atm, I'm making 600k a day with this! 

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Herb runs

Requirements: 38+ farming is the only requirement to get started.

There are, however, several convenient items that are helpful. The ones in green are items anyone can get by buying them from the GE or making them. I highly recommend getting them, they increase your profit a lot. The ones in orange are unlockeable.

  • Juju farming potions. Can be bought on the GE. Take a sip at the start of your herb run and you'll farm more herbs for 5 minutes.
  • Supercompost. You can buy this from the GE or make yourself. You can make this by putting 15 pineapples/watermelons in a compost bin near a farming patch. You close the bin, the next time you get there, you can open the bin again and fill 15 empty buckets with supercompost. Do this regularly while doing herb runs to keep a stock of supercompost. You use supercompost on a patch every time before you plant the seed. It'll make your crop die less easy and grant more herbs.
  • Explorer's ring. Achieved by completing the Lumbridge and Draynor task set. Teleports you to the farming patch south of Falador.
  • Ectophial. Achieved by completing the Ghosts Ahoy quest. Teleports you close to the Morytania herb patch.
  • Ardougne Cloak 3/4. Achieved by completing the Ardougne task set. Teleports you to the Ardougne farming patch.
  • Completion of 'My arms big adventure' = unlocks the Trollheim herb patch
  • Completion of 'Eadgar's Ruse' = teleport to Trollheim (to reach the unlocked patch)
  • Livid farm: unlocking the lunar spell that teleports you straight to the trollheim patch
  • Access to Prifddinas = another herb patch
  • Magic secateurs: Unlocks during the quest A Fairy Tale Part I. Increases the amount of herbs you farm by 10%. 
  • Greenfingers aura. Buyable with loyalty points. Gives you a 3-15% chance to farm additional herbs, depending on which tier you have. It stacks with the juju farming potion.
  • Scroll of life. Unlockeable from the dungeoneering shop. Saves you a seed every now and then, more useful for expensive tree seeds.

What herbs should you plant?

Depending on your level, you'll plant different herbs. The prices of the seeds and herbs change so what herb is the most profiteable, isn't set in stone.
This RS wiki page provides you a table with the best profiteable herbs for your level.
Toadflax is generally the best for lower levels, lantadyme/dwarf weed for higher levels.

Location of the herb patches:



South of falador. Next to the cabbage patch.
Fastest method: Explorer's ring teleport
2nd fastest method: Draynor village lodestone


Fastest method: Catherby lodestone


North of Ardougne
Fastest method: Ardougne cloak 3/4
2nd fastest method: Ardougne lodestone


Fastest method: Ectophial teleport, run west.
2nd fastest method: Canafis lodestone, run east.


Fastest method: Lunar teleport unlockeable by livid farm.
2nd fastest method: Trollheim teleport (Eadgar's Ruse) and run to the patch like in the quest.


Prifddinas - Crwys district


Once you made your way to the farming patch, it's time to make some money!

  1. Take a sip of your juju farming potion
  2. Activate your greenfingers aura if you have it
  3. Farm the herbs
  4. Use the herbs you gained on the leprechaun, he'll change them into bank notes.
  5. Use supercompost on the patch
  6. Plant your seed
  7. Proceed to the next patch and repeat (but don't drink another sip of potion! One sip is enough for the whole trip.)

NOTE. This technically isn't a daily as you can do it multiple times a day. Herbs take about an hour and a half to grow. So if you like doing herb runs and like money, go for it!


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Morchella mushrooms

Requirements: 74 farming. Recommended: completion of the Morytania elite tasks. Morchella mushroom spores and supercompost.

What to do:

Go to the two patches (see below). Use supercompost on them, plant morchella mushroom spores. Harvest when you get back, repeat.

NOTE: After the completion of the medium Morytania tasks set, the canafis patch is immune to decease. After the completion of the elite Morytania tasks, mushroom patches will yield double mushrooms. I don't recommend doing this without the completion of the Morytania task set for this reason.
Juju farming potions and the greenfingers aura don't affect the harvest of mushrooms.

Profit per run: 175k in 2 mins. You can do this 2-3 times a day, they take 4 hours to grow. It's technically not a daily.

Location of the patches:


South-West of Canafis
Fastest method: Fairy network, slayer ring teleport to the slayer tower
2nd fastest method: Canafis lodestone, run south-west


Tirannwn (elf lands)
Fastest method: Tirannwn lodestone, run west through the dense forest (56 agility required)


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Buying yak hides

Requirements: Completed The Fremmenik Isles quest. 50k gp a day.

Location: Vanligga Gastfrihet on Jatizso. You can get there by taking a boat from Relekka.


What to do:

Vanligga Gastfrihet sells illegal yak hides to you, but you need to gain her trust first.
If you didn't tax her during the quest, that's already done.
If you did tax her, offer her 5000 gp by talking to her.

Once that's out of the way, you can buy yak hides from her. She doesn't have a trade option, you need to talk to her to get to the store.
She sells 1000 yak hides a day, for 50 gp each.

It's a bit an annoying job, it does take quite a bit to buy her whole stock and run to the bank back and forth. Using a yak speeds it up.
I personally can't be bothered with this, but if you're willing to make an effort, you can earn 400k in 15-20mins. It's recommended to keep the hides until a bonus xp xp weekend gets announced, as that'll increase the price of yak-hides, getting you a larger profit.

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Kingdom of Miscellania

NOTE: this is not a daily. However, it's a very low effort way to make some money overtime so I'll include it in as well.

Requirements: Completion of the Throne of Miscellania quest. Additionally: Completion of Royal Trouble. About a million gp to start out.

Location: Miscellania. You can get there by using the fairy ring network or taking a boat from Relekka.

What to do:

Once you have completed the Throne of Miscellania, you become the regent of your very own kingdom!
Now, as most kings do, you use your population to make money for you!
Here's how it works:

Gain the trust of the population by getting your approval rating up. If you're reputation is high, the people want to work harder for you, earning you more money. You increase your approval rating by helping out the lumberjack, miner or farmer. Get it up to 100% every time you visit your kingdom.
When you're on Miscellania, there's a box on your screen to keep track of your approval rating.
Get some money in the bank. Make your way into the castle and go up the north stairs. Enter the Throne room, right click Advisor Ghrim and click on manage.
Now, this interface will open.

If you have only completed Throne of Miscellania, put everything on herbs.
If you have completed Royal Trouble, you get half a bar additionally to put on something. Put it on hard wood, mahogany.

You also need to get some money in the coffers. The kingdom extracts money from it every day to produce the resources you assigned.
Always keep the money in the coffers above 500k (750k if you have completed Royal Trouble). The reason for this is the following. The kingdom will extraxt 10% of the money in the coffers every day to produce resources, with a maximum of 50k (75k if you have completed Royal Trouble). Therefore if the money drops below 500/750k, the kingdom can't produce it's full potential.

Your approval rating drops by 2.5% per day, or 1% if you have completed Royal Trouble.
Go there once a week to get your approval rating up and put some more money in the bank if necessary. 

By right clicking Advisor Ghrim and clicking collect, the resources your kingdom produced will be transported to your bank. Go ahead and sell them for a nice profit!
The profit changes depending on the prices of the resources, but you can expect 1m+ a week for doing next to nothing. Miscellenia is a legit money doubler really.

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Wicked hood

The only base requirement for this is a wicked hood. You can get this from Tam McGrubor in Burthorpe for free, or from Wizard Finix in the Wizards' Tower, for 175 Runespan points. Use the different talismans on it to unlock the different runecrafting altars. An omni-talisman unlocked everything. You can get an omni-talisman in the runecrafting guild, which requires 50 runecrafting to enter.
This hood grants you the following every day:

  • Two teleports to a runecrafting altar of your choice.
  • 100 elemental runes or 5 high-level runes (elemental are recommended as fire runes go for 150ea atm)
  • 100 un-noted pure essence.

If you buy the other wicked items from Wizard Finix in the wizards tower, your Wicked hood gets a very nice buff and can make you a good chunk of money daily.
You need runespan points to buy these items.


The higher your runecrafting level, the more runes you craft per rune essence.


The best rune to craft changes due to grand exchange prices. I've crafted astral for a good while, atm I do fire runes as the prices are crazy.
This is what I do (takes like 2mins):

  • Fill my inventory with rune essence and all runecrafting pouches with rune essence. Equip my wicked hood and a quick teleport thing like tokkul-zo.
  • Use one of my wicked hood teleports to the fire rune altar. 
  • Craft all the essence in my inventory. Take all the essence out of my hood and craft those too.
  • Re-bank and teleport back twice.
  • Finally, take my 400 free fire runes out of the hood.

This is how many fire runes from using my daily abilities of the wicked hood.
This is with all the wicked hood perks unlocked. To get the maximum amount of fire runes you need 70 runecrafting.


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You can now post :p

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Always good to see these. Another fairly simple one is collecting Potato Cactus from the Weird Old Man outside the Kalphite Queen hive. Quick to get there with fairy rings (A J Q), but the amount you get varies depends on how what level of the desert achievement diaries you've completed. 20 at Medium, 30 at Hard and 40 for Elite. It's an easy 40 to 90k to consider.

It should be noted, the Falador shield only applies bonus exp to the Falador farming plots.

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How do you make GP with the wax?

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You sell the wax for 6000 ea

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Wow, I didn't even know that! Thanks. :)

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Thanks Sander :up:    

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I think kingdom you get 800 maple logs daily take 10 minutes and fletch 330 of them into shafts. Hit the fishing shops for 1k feathers each add to shafts 10k headless arrows  650k  a day and you still have 500 maple logs left over. that would be another 105k if you just turned those other 500 into shafts and sold them. Thats "755k a day" 

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Amazing guide So detailed,thank you Sander :)

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