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Found 4 results

  1. Kreacher

    over Gregorovic Spur

    Come join the gang while we kill Gregorovic for the next hour Novmeber 15th 2019 00:30
  2. Lynx37

    over Discord dung talking spur

    Come chit chat with us as we talk while doing ED1!
  3. Eragon Wings

    over Mena area Wc'ing Spur

    Mena Area Wc'ing Spur June 25, 2018 Well we had a wc'ing good time squishing buggies and cutting wood. Had some good laughs and some burning good times as well.
  4. WELCOME TO THE INAUGURAL EVENT! 1-28 February 2017 Tylars Go: Gotta Spot 'em All is a recurring event running from the start to the end of every month in which your objective is to spot as many Tylars as possible! Simply post a screenshot in which you are spotting a Tylar ingame, and it will be added to your tally. You can only spot a Tylar once. At the end of the month, the tallies will be counted and the member(s) who spotted the most Tylars over the course of the month will win a signature prize! As always, anyone who participates at any point over the course of the month will get an attendance point. February 2017 Winners' Signature Get Spotting! This Month's Tally: YGE - 9 Aglarion - 5 Princess Rae - 4 Psychojonas (2) - 4 Zaki (2)- 4 Elyz Vettan - 3 SockyMonkey - 3 Brendi (2) - 2 Sgt Pepper - 2 The Aviansie - 2 Bennybear - 1 Darkmgix20 - 1 Heatherbear - 1 Jaybear - 1 Kingey - 1 Popadopolous - 1 Silver Man - 1 Past Winners: None (yet)!
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